In the Dordogne Region, many villages dating back to the 12th century lie perched on cliffs overlooking the sparkling rivers below. Beautiful sandstone colored houses stand out from the green pastures of the surrounding scenery. History is on every corner with ancient castles, mansions, churches, prehistoric caves, and old villages to explore. Spend time and explore the bustle of the French villages on market day where local tradesmen and farmers trade their wares. The region is filled with many prehistoric treasures where you can sit back and believe time has stood still.

Ancient Caves
Les Eyzies is a quaint village in an area rich in prehistoric remains situated about 15 miles southwest of the Lascaux caves. There are more than 100 archaeological sites nearby including the Cro-Magnon cave, where human skulls dating from the Paleolithic period's Aurignacian culture were found in 1868; the Combarelles, Grand Roc, and Font-de-Gaume caverns, where Paleolithic paintings and carvings were discovered in 1901; Le Moustier cave, which yielded a human skeleton and chipped flints; and La Madeleine rock shelter. Les Eyzies is home to the National Museum of Prehistory, which contains one of world's the finest collection of early European artifacts.

Horseback Riding
The Vezere valley, in the heart of the Perigord Noir, has more than 250 UNESCO sites of interest and is the undisputed Prehistoric Capital of the World. Most of these sites are only accessible on foot or horseback. Vezere Valley, Lascaux, La Madeleine, Commarque, Font de Gaume, this is just a very small list of the treasures on our doorstep.

Ferme de Fonluc guarantees horse riding trips and multi-day treks that you will never forget, you will get to see the real Dordogne, and also see places in the Prehistoric Capital of the World that tourists never get to see. Ferme de Fonluc is situated in the heart of the Vezere Valley in Tayac, just 10 minutes walk from Les Eyzies. For more information visit:

The Dordogne region is composed of varying landscapes, scenic views, and rich history. Les Eyzies is known for its major prehistroic sites which are less than a 2km walk from the Château grounds. There are plenty of superb walks in and around Les Eyzies, for all levels of experience. Explore the hills where our ancestors roamed and lived more than 40,000 years ago. For more information visit:

Fine Dining
The region is known for its famous French faire. Truffles, fois gras, preserved meat confit, and fine wines are delicacies of the Dordogne region. The wonderful soil and climate also make this region ideal for growing fruit, and Dordogne is France's highest producing region for strawberries.

There are over 60 golf courses in South West France and the greens and fairways are permanently green. Many of the courses are adjacent to the large rivers which flow through the region and the soil base of varying mixtures of rock, blue clay and sand retains and traps the moisture creating lush green fairways throughout the year. Most courses have electric buggies and are playable 52-weeks of the year because of the excellent temperatures and weather conditions. South West France has a long tradition of playing golf, the course at PAU-BILLERE is the oldest club in continental Europe, created for and by the British Army in 1856.

The Château is equipped with a private swimming pool and chaise lounge chairs.

Take a couple of hours off at the end of a busy day of sightseeing and relax. Cast out your line and take in the beauty surrounding you, imagine your ancestors fishing in the same spot 40,000 years ago.

Hot-Air Balloon Rides
See the breathtaking views of the Dordogne from great heights. Take in the beauty of the region from new vantage points. For more information on hot-air balloon adventures visit:,perigord.php.

Canoe trips leave at your convenience and chances are you will spot deer, wild boar, otters, buzzards, kingfishers, fox and plenty of other wildlife. You will also pass Châteaux, ancient farmhouses, troglodytes, and ancient fortresses and small towns clinging to the cliffs. For more information visit:

Walking around the streets of these historic old cities you will discover fantastic shops. There are wonderful apparel shops in Sarlat and Perigueux and amazing antiques and gift shops all throughout the area.

Relive the days of old and experience a market day in the Dordogne. The markets have local produce, artisans, crafts and more, all set in enchanting towns around the region. Market day in Les Eyzies market is every Monday. Market day in Sarlat, the capital of the Perigord Noir and the setting for the market scene in the major motion picture Ever After, is every Wednesday and Saturday. Market day in Perigueux is also on every Wednesday and Saturday.

The city of Les Eyzies has 4 tennis courts for you to play on and the courts also have lights so you can play at night.

This region of France is a wonderful location for your French cycling holiday, with major river valleys clad in green woods and forests surrounding you. Rent yourself a bicycle and pedal your way around to discover all this region has to offer. For more information on where to rent a bicycle visit: htp:// or email the owner of the bike shop Robert Owensmith.

The Château offers many picturesque angles for painting so setup an easel and paint the buildings and landscape that surround you.

Wine Tours
The Dordogne is located in the wine region of France, famous for wonderful red wines of Cahors and Bergerac. Enjoy an afternoon touring the wineries of the region and tasting fine French wine.

There are many splendid sights to see in the region. For a list of local places to see during your vacation click here.